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Use Color to Benefit Your Business

Posted by JR Copier MN on Feb 10, 2016 4:05:17 PM


How Color Can Enhance Your Business 

Working to maintain a strong, visual presence for your organization is important; after all, no one can do business with you if they can’t find you! A way to achieve this goal is through the use of color.

If you’re skeptical that something so simple can have such a lasting and positive impact on your company, think again; research has shown that the use of color can do just that.

Read on:

  • Direct mail with color has a 55 percent greater chance of being read first. If you get your reader’s attention quickly, a fast response is likely to follow.
  • Among a sea of B&W directory ads, those in color have an increased response rate of over 40 percent.
  • Payment response times can improve as much as 30 percent when key information such as the due date and amount are highlighted in color.
  • Sales have been shown to increase by up to 80 percent when communication materials such as brochures or direct mailings use color.
  • Color on memos, notices and other interoffice correspondence increases employee motivation by up to 80 percent.

With such compelling evidence supporting the benefits of color printing, why aren’t more businesses using it to their advantage? Misconceptions surrounding the cost and the potential loss of efficiency may be to blame when in reality, with the ideal equipment in place, color printing won’t break the bank or disrupt current processes.

Help your employees and customers to see the world in color while boosting sales, increasing productivity and communication, and enhancing profitability along the way.


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