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Inefficient Printing Practices... Managed Print Solutions

Posted by JR Copier MN on Apr 7, 2016 1:33:01 PM



An average 14% of revenue.” It’s what most fortune 500 companies today are wasting on document-related tasks and sorely inefficient printing practices. Eighty percent of business content is unstructured or unmanaged, and of that, nearly half is paper. What does managed print services look like to you?

Move from chaos to order

With managed print services (MPS), you can gain visibility and control of your entire document environment. This goes way beyond reducing printing and paper usage. Just as your business is always evolving, managed print services and managed document services continue to evolve to help organizations meet the information challenges of today and tomorrow. Although overall print volumes are down, the widespread use of tablets and smart phones has created additional complexity in the print environment. IT organizations need a strategy to provide access to print from mobile devices without compromising security.

According to an analyst firm: “For business users, mobile printing has actually been shown to increase print volume instead of decreasing it. The driver for mobile print is that most business users are now in nontraditional work environments. For example, some business users today don’t have an assigned workspace but instead travel between branches or sites on a corporate campus, or work remotely or on the road.”

Print management is clearly still important, plus you need to manage ever-increasing amounts of information and data from many different sources.

That’s why smart managed print services optimizes and streamlines processes and workflows, along with managing your print fleet.

What is managed print services?

Managed print services (MPS) are services provided by external parties to optimize and manage an organization’s print infrastructure and document output.

JR Copier of Minnesota takes a holistic approach to improving the enterprise print architecture. We help you by aligning devices with your business mission and taking care of their day-to-day management with proactive and predictive service to ensure optimal uptime. Once in place, the managed environment becomes a conduit to unify print and digital information for streamlined processes and workflow. You’ll benefit with fewer devices, fewer pages, lower costs and improved knowledge worker productivity.

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