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The true cost of a new copier or printer

Posted by JR Copier MN on Dec 14, 2015 9:12:55 AM


True cost of a new copier or printer

The day that the new copier/printer arrives is like an office party. The boss announces the arrival of the machine in a office memo and gets everyone ready for the big day. The office manager already has had two people go in for equipment training on how to use the machine and the spot in the copier room has already been set up. It is a big day and it is also a large capital expense.

The scenario we just outlined seems like it is an exaggeration, but it actually quite accurate. As we go through that situation and examine all of the costs, we see that there are quite a few. There is the cost for administrative time to facilitate the purchase, get training, put together memos and prepare for the machine's arrival. The company had to hire workers to remove the old copier and, as the new copier being put into place, the old copier is taking up expensive space in the warehouse. The cleaning staff was put to work to clean out the copier room and don't forget all of those supplies left over from the old copier that the company will need to sell at a loss.

Tax deduction
One of the best things about a new copier or printer is that, for the IRS, the value of the equipment can be depreciated over time as a tax deduction. While this is convenient, it is not an advantage over renting or leasing equipment. The IRS says that monthly rental or lease payments on office equipment are also deductible as an expense.JRCOPIERS-300x180.png

New copiers are cheaper to operate
While new copiers or printers can cost more to buy, the energy efficiency of new office equipment can sometimes make the purchase price worth it. An office building with older office equipment is going to require more energy than a building filled with new and energy efficient equipment. A professional energy audit can show you how much lower your company energy bills would be if you purchased new equipment. The monthly savings in energy alone may pay for the purchase price of the equipment within a reasonable amount of time.

Copier/Printer service contract
Another cost consideration for new office equipment such as copiers and printers is the cost of maintenance or service contract (click charge). Most of the newer models have a lower cost per page that the older machines. This can be another savings you can apply towards the cost of owning a new office machine.

What happens to my old office equipment
You may have paid for that old equipment you are moving out to make room for the new units, but there is still a cost associated with those old machines. It it possible for a company to write off the initial costs of those machines by saying that they served their purpose and have provided the company with plenty of productivity through the years. But the space those machines take up in storage costs the company money.

If the company wants to get rid of those old machines, then they have to be recycled through a special process because of the hazardous materials used in their manufacturing. Moving all of those machines to a recycling center costs money. To top it off, some recycling centers also charge to accept the old office equipment.

There is a lot of debate about the cost benefits of renting or leasing office equipment versus purchasing the equipment outright. But in the long run, understanding the true costs of purchasing brand new office equipment may help you to make the best decision for your company.


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