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Managed Print Service

Posted by JR Copier MN on Jan 28, 2016 9:05:27 PM


Managed Print 

We manage hundreds of printers, copiers and MFPs at many different organizations that generate millions of pages. The companies we work with rely on JR Copier of Minnesota's - proactive service and support to guard against unplanned downtime, eliminate disruption of service and maintain the highest level of service for their partners, and clients.

Because todays's organizations are so document intensive, you can’t afford down time on your critical printing and imaging resources. That’s why many of the companies we partner with are supported with a dedicated  technician. With a dedicated technician, service response is measured in minutes, not hours. Our  technicians act as an extension of the your company's help desk providing direct response to related calls placed by end users, calls automatically created through our alert system Management Software  as well as provide support for a host of other activities.

We also offer solutions to improve the paper-to-digital workflows. In no time, we can have you and your staff easily scanning, archiving, searching and retrieving documents and capturing charge back data to increase revenues and improve productivity.

Benefits of Managed Print Service 

1. Spend less time managing print devices - IT departments spend 20% of their time on printer related issues. Managed Print Services results in fewer hard copy devices to manage and a smaller inventory of supplies and spare parts to maintain. Plus, network integration makes multifunction printers/copiers easier and less expensive to support than their standalone counterparts.

2. Reduce time spent walking from device to device By combining printing, copying, faxing, scanning and digital sending (scan to email, folder, etc.) in a single device, multifunction printers/copiers give all workers need and get the job done faster.

Managed Print



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